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Traveling Stone County Puzzle Answers
Here are your answers plus some links to learn more!

3.the first of these newfangled traffic contraptions, now at the museum, met with opposition and has bullet holes to prove it. Stoplight

6.valley community that's home of the tigers. Timbo

7.popular local dance best performed by those with loose joints. Jig

8. fun farm tour in October. PumpkinPatch. The Dan & Patricia Stewart Farm on Luber Road in Mountain View hosts a hayride, corn maze,and pumpkin patch in the fall, complete with country village.

10.to keep up with this Jones, play the banjo at his annual tribute concert Grandpa Checkout the banjo workshop and tribute concert, September 1-3, 2016
http://www.ozarkfolkcenter.com/calendar-of- events/workshops/banjo-workshop.aspx

11.natural material from which courthouse is constructed Stone

12.an old-time folk music and dance gathering unique to the Ozarks Hootenanny

14.annual event providing complimentary legumes BeanFest

16.a time honored creation with squares Quilt An Ozarks region quilt trail is developing. Look for launch in September at http://www.arkansasquilttrail.com/

17.popular yard sale event in western part of county BuyDays

18.semi-annual festival featuring musical groups from across the country Bluegrass

19.most numerous four-legged animal Cow

20.east end community with sprawling farms and sawmills PleasantGrove

22.a small body of water suitable for family fun namely Turkey, Sylamore, Livingston, Roasting Ear, and the like Creek

23.prolific composer of Battle of New Orleans and many, many more JimmyDriftwood

28.the winding roads are made for those who lean into it Motorcyclist
http://www.yourplaceinthemountains.com/#!mountains-music- and-motorcycles/epin8

29.trails abound for those who like to explore with their soles Hiking
http://www.mountaintravelguide.com/Arkansas/AR/NF/OzarkNationalForest/trails/NorthSylamoreCreekTrail.htm, for shorter hikes explore the City Park trails at Mountain View.

30.race requiring pushers, driver, and privy Outhouse
http://www.mountainviewtourism.com/entertainment/attractions/annual-bean- fest-championship-outhouse-races/

31. tasty, two-legged critter providing largest number of exports from county Chicken

32. folk music capital of the world MountainView

33. a semi-annual show for those who like barrels and blades GunAndKnife
https://gunshowtrader.com/gun-shows/mountain- view-gun- show/


1.includes a parade and started long before having festivals was cool FolkFestival

2.local slang meaning you are about to do something Fixin

3.repository of historical artifacts StoneCountyMuseum
 Hours: Thurs-Sat 1pm-4pm from mid-April to mid-October. Free admission.

4.name of a local all-girl string band Twang
https://www.facebook.com/Twang-All- Girl-String- Band-1446875722219987/

5.popular sport that may lure you in Fishing

9.popular sporting event requiring boots and hooves Rodeo
https://www.facebook.com/Stone-County- Saddle-Club- 209559338637/

13.trails for those who pedal Bicycle

14.coolest most spectacular place down under BlanchardSpringsCaverns

15.mountaintop community known to fight for its school and post office Fox

21.double digit town FiftySix

24.signature tree that blooms in April at festival time Dogwood

25.host of this state championship contest Fiddle

26.river forming the eastern boundary of county where earliest settlers lived White

27. folk center state park including a 1000 seat theater and craft demonstrations Ozark